“Journey to Freedom” Art Exhibition

Over one hundred guests attended the opening of the Vive, Inc. art exhibition entitled, “Journey to Freedom,” held at the UB Anderson Gallery. The “Journey to Freedom” exhibit featured photographs by William Bergmann and Justin Lee, with sculptures by Ben Ami Shemer and paintings by Catherine Shuman Miller and Bruce Bitmead.

Photographs by William Bergmann and Justin Lee portray asylum seekers at various stages and time stamps in their journey to freedom. Many have traveled thousands of miles to the U.S. to escape persecution and maltreatment in their countries.

Vive is honored that these artists chose to memorialize our vision and mission through their camera lenses, canvases, and sculptures.

Chosen pieces from the exhibit are now available for purchase. Browse through our gallery; perhaps your home will become host to display the message of freedom.

William Bergmann

William Bergmann is a senior at The University at Buffalo. At the end of the year he will receive his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a Concentration in Photography. What draws him to photography is that he can take a photograph of life and manipulate it through the recording of light to create an alternate reality. His work reflects this, as it compels the viewer into this different realm and causes them to form conclusions of the subject matter being presented.

Journey to Freedom Photo Series (3 Editions available)

William Bergmann uses the American flag to depict the movement of these people’s lives through their “Journey to Freedom.”

This series is available for purchase to include all seven images for $800 or $200 per individual print. All prints are matted and framed. Sale proceeds from your tax deductible purchase are donated to Vive.

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Bergmann Journey to Freedom Series – Prints 1-7
2012—Black & White Matte Prints
Series Purchase Price: $800

Justin Lee

Justin Lee is a recent graduate of the University at Buffalo, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Photography. Justin developed a passion for photojournalism during his sophomore year in college when he served as the photographer and Assistant Photo Editor for The Spectrum, the University at Buffalo’s student-run independent newspaper. Justin loves documenting life with a creative eye and enjoys experimenting to create a mixture of fine art photography and photojournalistic images into his work. Justin is currently a freelance photographer based in New York City, primarily photographing weddings and portraits.

You can view his photos at: http://www.justinleeimages.com.

Journey to Freedom Photo Prints

Justin Lee’s photo-documentation is representative of the refugees as they step into the light of freedom from the darkness of their past.

Each print is available for purchase; priced as indicated per print. All prints are matted and framed. Sale proceeds from your tax deductible purchase are donated to Vive.

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Ben-Ami Shemer (Sculptor)

Born in Israel, 1944

Mr. Shemer has dedicated most of his years to education, painting, and sculpture. His work has been presented in various exhibitions with great success. Focusing his sculptures on figurative design and negative spaces, Ben Ami gives meaning to the raw material and its design through an exciting, yet exhausting, path.

“Since I began this path several years ago, I am constantly trapped in its magic and in the possibilities it gives me in visual, color, form, and touch. Each piece is, by its nature, demanding, and each requires hard work. It is in giving my whole self to creating, molding, and designing that I find true joy.”

Mr. Shemer donated these two sculptures of Vive residents to the Journey to Freedom Art Exhibition. These artisan works are available for $500.00 each. Become the proud owner of a unique signature piece by Ben-Ami Shemer today.

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