Frequently Asked Questions

Image of Vive residents using the Internet.

Vive residents using the Internet.

For those looking for information concerning making a refugee claim, please follow one of the links below:




When is Vive open?

Please note that our shelter’s hours have recently changed. If you wish to receive a bed, you must arrive Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm, or make other accommodations until the next working day.

Also, please be aware that if you are traveling from Liberia, Guinnea, or Sierra Leone, you must contact the legal office before arriving, in order to ensure the safety of all Vive clients and staff.

When was Vive founded?

Vive was founded in 1984. For more information, please read about  our history.

Does Vive help people other than refugees?

No. Vive’s mission is to help those who are seeking to make a refugee claim in Canada or who are pursuing asylum protection in the U.S.