Frequently Asked Questions

Image of Vive residents using the Internet.

Vive residents using the Internet.

For those looking for information concerning making a refugee claim, please follow one of the links below:




Where does Vive’s funding come from?

Most of Vive’s funding comes from individuals and private foundations. Vive relies greatly on the help of others and the collaboration of the church communities.

When was Vive founded?

Vive was founded in 1984. For more information, please read about  our history.

When is Vive open?

Vive’s refugee shelter is always open. Vive’s business and legal office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, excluding U.S. holidays. Refugees may come to Vive at any time, but they are only registered in the legal office during business hours.

Does Vive help people other than refugees?

No. Vive’s mission is to help those who are seeking to make a refugee claim in Canada or who are pursuing asylum protection in the U.S.

Are the people at Vive “illegal” or “undocumented peoples?”

Everyone who is at Vive, Inc. is known by the U.S. government. They are working through the proper channels to become legal residents of either Canada or the United States. Vive’s staff works with in the legal system to help all clients to safety and freedom.